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  • New models are required to understand and guide the evolution of social and economic systems in a context presenting a deep change in the meaning of value and in the ways to generate it
  • A sustainable and long-term wealth builds today only upon knowledge-based processes, first of all innovation
  • Digital technologies open wide perspectives for new dimensions of knowledge development and growth
  • Nonetheless, conditions and factors enabling the full exploration and exploitation of knowledge are not yet present in our society
  • Knowledge, as well as the interactive networks where it is created, is a complex system; until now, policies and strategies, at macro as well as microeconomic level, have not taken into account problems and opportunities rooted in complexity
  • A new approach is necessary to start an effective cycle of innovation and growth, encompassing a review of interaction and self-organization models of social and economic agents The system shortly described in this document foresees the application of complex modeling to global and local knowledge systems, through the introduction of a new socioeconomic agent: the TWG Lab™.