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  • A TWG Lab™ is a highly interconnected and interactive hub in the networks, able to deal effectively with tacit knowledge and with the long tail, considered as the main sources of knowledge in the so called "Front End of Innovation" (FEI, that is before the emergence of a business concept)
  • Thus, a TWG Lab™ can target and engage quickly multiple external resources, so as to guide and accelerate innovation starting from specific “Innovation Engines”, entrepreneurial will, blue-sky researches, or emerging ideas in sensible contexts (firms, industries, territories, science-technology parks, etc.)
  • It is a propelling force for innovation and – what may be more important – a new enterprise model, around which to trigger a new cycle of growth, with the collaboration of old and new stakeholders
  • It is a place of interpenetration between knowledge elicited from global networks and knowledge elicited from local contexts, what is an ideal condition for innovation emergence
  • Each TWG Lab™ is part of a network of other Labs, which further increases validity and insightfulness of outcomes
  • The TWG Lab™ infrastructure does not require high initial investment, as allows an allocation of capital which is progressive and distributed, not concentrated in a short time.