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Diotima Lab

The Diotima Lab is a global partnership with the mission of helping the transition toward a new paradigm in society and economy, through the exploitation of complexity science as a key catalyst and integrator of converging developments currently coming from different disciplines, professions, and industries.

This Lab can be defined the “mother” of all other TWG Labs, but also an entity emerging from their interaction.
Its aim is multiple:
  • allowing TWG Labs to avail themselves of a “research institute”, where technologies, tools, and methodologies are developed, and their applications are studied in order to create a continuous, circular evolution of concepts and practices
  • managing the “inter-labs” cross-fertilization, so as to maximize the opportunities and the relevant interest for the Partners
  • allowing the most active entrepreneurial partners to know each other also at a “club level” and to suggest insights and improvements to the TWG Lab™ System
  • keeping a continuous and structured relationship with financial partners, so as to share with them at the highest level the overview of the system development while watching the single Labs, and to have their support in the research and cultural side of the Foundation
  • managing specific associations at professional level (even international) or at national level (even inter-professional) created to spread the principles and views at the base of the TWG Lab™ System, and relationships with existing associations and foundations with concurrent interests
  • pushing educational activities to create an international, interdisciplinary virtual academy, through alliances with advanced schools worldwide (e.g. Design Schools, and schools engaged on matters as complexity, epistemology, humanities).