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The metamodeling system is the core of the TWG Lab™:
  • The metamodel is a technology facilitating the exchange of patterns among collaboration agents, acting in physical spaces as well as in the web
  • Such a development is encompassed in the perspective of social computing, where the swarm of users becomes architect of knowledge systems and measurer of economic value
  • The core of the system is a database giving sense and function to non homogeneous data arriving from anywhere, and inserting them in an organic system (the “metamodel”: open and adaptive)
  • This is made possible by a metamodel encompassing ontologies (different classes of items) and architectures which correlate these items. A constructive process is therefore put into effect
  • The input of contributes is helped by an advanced human interaction
  • The metamodeling system is designed to integrate itself with other tools:
    • A tool devoted to to better understand, expand and profile the open network participating to the innovation process , until the creation of a digital multimedia platform able to mirror and affect their way of thinking and their expectations
    • A tool devoted to find correlation models among the data in the ontologies, and so refining continuously the architecture of the metamodel.