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The TWG Lab™ environment and technology create especially favorable conditions for an easy access to knowledge and the relevant exploitation, thanks to features as:
  • A high number of connections, highly redundant and effective (that is an augmented “social capital”)
  • Transparent and continuous relationship between cognitive and financial capital
  • Conditions ensuring trust and care among actors, including an effective governance of intellectual property
  • Awareness of organization economics and and of self-organization emergence
  • Horizontal and interdisciplinary competencies: design-thinking has a special relevance, as it can tie networks with strategic intent
  • Features of physical environments, favoring quality of short distance interaction (“conversation”), and team self-organization
  • A suitable financial intensity of the network, so as to allocate capitals timely and flexibly: finance should remain always near to the heart of the action
  • Knowledge engineering tools, including not only collaborative platforms, but also a complex adaptive metamodeling system
  • Continuous development and updating of tools and practices